Artistic Collaboration with Tereza Buskova

Stifani Brothers team up anew with Czech artist Tereza Bušková. Back from two months between traveling and work, the Stifani Brothers jump into the 3rd video art collaboration with Tereza Bušková titled ‘Baked woman of Doubice’ which will feature at the next Beaconsfield Art event on 30th November in Vauxhall, London.

“…Working with Tereza is an exciting continuous brainstorm that goes through a discourse of Culture diversity, Symbolic Anthropology and Semiotics to conform a series of moving “painted” images, into a “Film”…”

The previous two collaborations Spring Equinox’ (2009)  and ‘Masopust’ (2010) along with her early work ‘Wedding Rituals’ (2007) and ‘Forgotten Marriege’ (2008) have generated great interest in the Art world and the press featuring in Saatchy Magazine, The Independent, Timeout, Dazed & Confused and more.

Bušková has been exhibited by David Robert and Anita Zabludowicz 176 Zabludowicz Collection
She has been selected for competitive showcase exhibitions of fast rising emerging artists including Future50 and MurmurArt.
As well as receiving sponsorship from a number of generous art collectors, including the Arts Council UK.

She has exhibited in a broad range of different spaces including a billboard print installation amongst the ancient flora of Chambers Farm Wood for The Lincoln Art Programme.

Limited prints from her work can be purchased online from the artist’s website.

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