Montemor -o- Novo: Brain Storming [phase #3]

From Antwerp passing through a week in Malmö last December, is now Portugal our land of creation.

In residency at ‘O espaço do tempo  (a multi disciplinary research and residence center established by Rui Horta in Montemor-o-Novoour brainstorming with choreographer Philippe Blanchard  continues.
On our first 2 weeks here, we have started discussions on the main theme of appearances opening up to the many different aspects and interests that we want to explore in the new project titled ‘Original copy‘ [preliminary title].

We are pondering a lot on the content and the surface of the project, moving on toward what is the now…What represents now, how can that be define.
Catching the now, exploring the reproduction of the now, and the inevitable evolution on reproducing the now.

It has been a time where our brains have melted but also yet have progressed towards many more questions that explore the human psyche and identity.

In the Mystical and magical place ofConvento da Saudação a concept seems to be forming alongside these words:

replacement, confrontation, duplication, transformation of time, proximity, condition, social codes, details,  association, reaction, appearances, judgement. 

and now expanding its direction towards the line of: ‘THIS IS THE STORY AND THE STORY IS MANY THINGS’


To keep track on our theater experimentations please visit the Original Copy blog, which Philippe Blanchard him self will update twice a week with documentation on our creative process.


This is the second project with Philippe Blanchard since our first unique experience together in 2010 with the performance ‘How about you?’


‘Original Copy’ will premier in Dance City Newcastle on the 21st of September 2o13,
for us a fantastic come back to our adoptive home town that saw us embarking on our life journeys.


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