England: Between The Place & Nightingale [phase #4]

We are  in our last period of creation in London.  Today is our last day working at The Place and we start feeling the piece in us.  A lot has happened through the process of creation and every day has never been like the previous one.  Our ideas and intentions keep on shifting and  shaping in our research toward the form and content, analyzing in the studio what went on in the process in relation to the shifting of the form and the effects of changes in the content and how the same form could generate different content .

Our creation with Philippe started last December in Antwerp on the question of appearances and what that means, the perceptions and the ideas that one would associate to a picture, a person, a distant memory. The subject is vast and tricky to tackle in a subtle way, some time it feels like we are walking on a thin wire crossing two skyscrapers.

For the past three weeks at The Place in London and at the Nightingale in Brighton we have been looking at ways to answer those questions  always constructing, deconstructing and reconstructing our ideas and intuitions. Through open rehearsal an numerous feedback we have defined the spine of the piece, and found the right key to catalyze our intentions to the audience.






It has been tedious work on defining what is beyond the obvious and moreover to tune in keys that could explain and materialize  the contrasts of such ideas. It has been a revealing experience and we would like to thank all of our friends and colleges that supported us in the making of the show. Without your support we would have found the right path.

Today though next step, we leave for Newcastle where we are going to finalise and premier the project.

We feel already in us that the new phase will be more challenging,  putting in the practice more focus on our relation to the audience and the space outside the define stage.

It will be two more weeks of intense work, that we take on with appreciation and observation.

Philippe is driving us through the creation of the piece like a cowboy on a horse…and we are contributing, following and playing along like kids on a roller-coaster.

IMG_6357 copy2

Thinking back to the beginning of the project and to see where we are now is like living through a long jump of faith and we want to share with you, how in early stages of the idea, we both tried to analyze the subject of appearances through video and experimentation.



If you would like to know more about the project and the ideas behind, please follow the official blog here

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