‘Original Copy’ a thank you note

A total of 8 weeks went by, between brain storming and creation, development and production.
Making This is That  (known with the preliminary title of Original Copy ), has been a very intense process, hard, playful, ambitious but nonetheless a gratifying experience.
It is not in the norm to say, but this time we are very proud of what we achieved, and this wouldn’t have happened without you.


We wanted to thank the theaters and curators that facilitated our creation…


WP Zimmer1238284_10151914102011468_615519892_n

O Espaço Do Tempo
Rui Horta

The place
Eddie Nixon

Nightingale Theatre
Steven Brett

Dance City
Anthony Baker

Dansens Hus
Virve Sutinen

Ann Wallberg


…and to our friends and colleagues that made it all possible…
Thanks a lot, from the bottom of our hearts.


Adam van GoghIMG_7566
Alessandro Grespan
Alex Catona
Alexa Meade
Andy Smith
Andy Zondag
Anna Maria Stifani
Antonio Tau
Andrea Tau
Arek Plottke
Arran Green
Artur Nils
Cherry Lin
Chiara Stifani
Chris Akrill
Christina Neuss
Dafne Louzioti
Debbi Purtill
Debora Mallus
Domenico Fanelli1237152_10151914097131468_1863561761_n
Dorina Fontana,
[The Eddy Family] The Masham Public House
Egle Dubinkaite
Energybase fitness
Eric Scarfone
Erika Sofia
Father Kelly
Federica Zurleni
Gabriella Mazure
Gemma Higginbotham
Global Art Collaborations
Hon Cheung
Ian Cottage
Ida Anvegård
Isabella Carlsson
Jackson Watson
Joe Fowler1235012_10151919522626468_1645027447_n
John Bagnall
John FG Stead
Julia Giertz
Kana Yatabe
Kayoko Shirota
Kenichi Sawazaki
Khali El-Ahmad
Laura Perez
Lene Bang Henningsen
Lina Jernström
Linda Adami
Lindsay Hannon
Lisa Cullen
Maika Knoblich
Maria João Guardão
Marianne Butler
Mark Steven Flynn
Maya Foavita4
Mette Bjaerge
Michael Corbett
Michael Larsson
Michele Dc
Monik Caipiroska
Mum and Dad
Nino Stifani
Ophélie Ove Alegre
Paola Lizza
Pat and Bob
Peter Connelly
Philippe Blanchard
Philippe Boix-Vives
Robert Jefferson555396_10151921316756468_1233527021_n
Roger Allen
Ruth Anna Eriksson
Sabine Riviere
Saji Thottathil
Satoru Bianco Shirota
Shona Dunn
Silvana Stifani Marco Alberti
Steven Bird
Teresa Cairns
Tony Clark
Uli Ruchlinski
Vahid Evazzadeh
Wenxin Li
Yoshiko Shirota
Yutaka Shirota

If you would like to know more about the project and the ideas behind, please follow the official blog here

Listed below links to the Stockholm Reviews:

and press kit links:

 For you, who have been scrolling all the way down, the preview video of the Show

Original Copy preview from Philippe Blanchard on Vimeo.


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