The adventure has begun with us writing the blog via mobile phone..the most easy thing to do apparently, but there’s few things that people do not take into account..a good internet connection and a phone that is as fast as my fingertips when typing ..anyway we are giving it a try..and so you see the adventure begins.

We have had few interesting month in London an got used to the unpredictable affaire of being a freelance without cash..not that we got used to be without cash but we appreciate the variety of projects that have kept us going into this exciting world!!!

I am
Going to post this now, I would hate finding out that I have invested my time for just a blank page..hopefully not.

In the train at the moment traveling toward Belgium ..this month we are editing our italian film Break Through (working title) and we will be on tour with “This is That” hitting  to Germany and Italy next..
Keep tuned If you could.