CONCLUSION OF ‘THIS IS THAT’ spring tour 2014

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June already!!!
What happened  since our last April’s post? Well for a start we the previous posting from the phone seems to have worked fine, we got the message across while on the train…how amazing. Could we have done it five years ago??? (a little diversion of excitement).
Now back in London, after 2 months of travelling and performing, we are  feeling a little zoned out, organising a new life style around new exciting projects and contemplating on the great journey we had…so much has happened that we could write a book.
Obviously we are not going to do that, but I fear this is going to be a longer post than usual and for a generation (including us) where 2 minutes of video footage is already too long, I guess reading might become an even tremendous feat….

Back to the journey…
On tour concentration was at maximum every day, even when we had 10 days in-between shows waiting for the next date on the calendar.
Performing is not what we have set out to do, but without knowing it, it has become part of our lives. It is growing on us and we can not reject it..The risk and fear while walking the unknown till its very end, makes performing a very exciting experience.

On the 3rd of May we were in MÜNSTER (DE), performing in the wonderful space of the art gallery westfäelischer-kunstverein, that in a joint effort with theatre Pumpenhaus  brought us on stage, or better in this case for the first time, into a gallery’s art space.

On the 9th and 10th of May we returned to our home land, Salento in Puglia, where we performed for the second time after 2 years in LECCE (IT) at the incredible Teatro Koreja, this time we performed for the first time in Italian with the help of Paola Lizza, who reawaken our Italian and grammar construction. It was not easy..believe us..

On the 28th of May after missing our return flight while indulging our selves into the love of our family back in Neviano, we performed for the first time in NOTTINGHAM (UK) at the Lakside Arts Centre, thanks to Dance4 that wanted us to take part on Nottingham’s world class arts festival Neat Festival. We were only amazed to be there performing  along side many talented artists.

And finally, on 10th of June we performed our first show in LONDON (UK) at The place theatre  where we had 127 spectators filling up the stage and us diving into their sits like crazy. We were part of  Spring Loaded a  festival that brings together some of the most inventive new dance makers currently working in the UK. Loaded with new ideas from artists who are doing things differently than the norm. – Honoured to represents all together the notion of where dance is going next.

It has been a very intense time for us with many “FIRST TIMES”. Nonetheless with the love of our Friends, Family, and the many positive reviews  received  our experience was very unique!!! Unforgettable.

‘This is that’ will resume touring in Sweden this Autumn…

Special thanks go to

  • Kristina Scepanski, Joanna Yasirra Kluhs and Ludger Schnieder for the amazing week in Münster.
  • Paola Lizza, Raffaele Birtele and Nino Stifani, the staff of Cantieri Teatrali Koreja and Franco Ungaro, who helped us making possible performing in Lecce.
  • Ruby Connor, Jim Hendley, Lakeside Arts Centre, Dance4 and Neat Festival for having had us part of their fantastic festival in Nottingham
  • Eddie Nixon director of The Place and Steven Brett artistic direct and  programmer of The Nightingale for having us performing in London
  • Amazing thanks to Kristian Jon Anshelm for organising our tour, Uli Ruchlinski for his inspiring work and
    without a doubt Philippe Blanchard for without him we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to live through so many great experiences

… Love