AMOK – short


Short synopsis:

Meet Joe, a middle aged business man with an identity crisis. He pursues an elusive woman through an increasingly strange landscape. The dream-like, surreal imagery is all taking place in Joe’s mind as he undergoes a sex change operation.


Amok, is a film about the transitional memories and thoughts of Joe before a sex-change operation. The film is a story told in Joe’s mind. Joe is a middle aged man with an identity crisis.

He realizes that he is right in the middle of his life journey thinking that now he is getting closer to death every day. He is becoming cynical towards his existence and has nothing left to live for. Though nothing makes his life exciting, one day at work while serving food to some costumers in his restaurant, a beautiful woman passing by the window-shop completely enlightens Joe’s life again.

This finest and yet least probable event turns Joe’s existence upside-down. He believes now, that the one concrete certainty in human life is love. Love that he has never had but once gained and given will fulfill his life. Joe will go through a journey full of obstacles and dangers to conquer the woman of his life; He will only be taken away from all his worries, anxiety and identity preoccupations when he reaches her and finally be with her.

At the moment of conquering his love, Joe wakes up from the hospital bed he had been sleeping on, during the sexual operation. Joe’s life is now fulfilled.
She is a Woman.