COLINA – documentary

COLINA: (Collaboration in Arts)

A series of 2 minutes clips realized to support the COLINA project web diary.
12 hours footage per day were shot for the two weeks art workshop

This is the documentary produced for all the participant of COLINA.
12 hours footage per day were shot for the two weeks art workshop
COLINA is a unique laboratory which aims at the Collaboration In Arts.

The idea for COLINA was born in 2003. The project intends to work at the interface of different art-forms and to go into the process-oriented nature of contemporary artistic creation. COLINA was initiated by Rui Horta, choreographer and former artistic director of the legendary German-based company S.O.A.P.

The project COLINA doc., intends to depict in an artistic way, all the laboratories that took place in all the six countries involved.
It will function as a document for the various partners, but also aims to engage new audience, thanks to the nature of COLINA pervasive force of random creativity.

In fact, the strongest point of COLINA is to allow artists from different areas to experiment with new ways of expression. Especially performing arts increasingly open up towards different media. New perspectives arise, different forms become possible and models of cooperation change. The human body forms as much a central part of this development as New and Visual Media.

26 European artists from different artistic fields such as dance, theatre, film, visual arts, and music were chosen for each project, in order to experiment with each other and to reflect their particular methods. Time, space and body, three basic parameters in contemporary art, offer a thematic reference system in the COLINA lab. Not so much to prove specific concepts, but to explore different artistic points of view.