The other face of Kenya – documentary

Shot on location by: ADVlondon
Edited and finished by: Stifani Brothers
Music by: Michael Andrews [Did you know him?]

Established in 1994 by M•A•C Cosmetics, the M•A•C AIDS Fund supports people affected by HIV globally.

The Fund collaborates with multi-talented artists and has provided over $135 million to date to fight stigma and shame associated with HIV and AIDS worldwide.

The aim of this production was to show M•A•C’s staff where the funds raised were spent. M•A•C AIDS Fund generously undertook the financial burden of renovating hospitals and orphanages in Kisumu and Kakamega.

Our job was to edit a short documentary pointing out some heartbreaking realities about HIV and Kenya.
The final video captured attention at an international level and helped M•A•C UK receive appraisals for the Kenyan project.

Attention: You may find some parts of the following video disturbing.