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CONCLUSION OF ‘THIS IS THAT’ spring tour 2014

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June already!!!
What happened  since our last April’s post? Well for a start we the previous posting from the phone seems to have worked fine, we got the message across while on the train…how amazing. Could we have done it five years ago??? (a little diversion of excitement).
Now back in London, after 2 months of travelling and performing, we are  feeling a little zoned out, organising a new life style around new exciting projects and contemplating on the great journey we had…so much has happened that we could write a book.
Obviously we are not going to do that, but I fear this is going to be a longer post than usual and for a generation (including us) where 2 minutes of video footage is already too long, I guess reading might become an even tremendous feat….

Between Antwerp and Düsseldorf performing “How About You?”

This month is a very important month for the dynamic-duo; in less than a week Stifani Brothers will travel to Antwerp one of the most European city of Belgium. They’ll spend about 10 days rehearsing in  Zimmer theatre in preparation to the upcoming show in Tanzmesse theatre in Düsseldorf (GER)  “How About You?”  29th August 2012.