Tokyo CityCam BMW


ROLES: camera | editor assistants


Tokyo CityCam by BMW for BMWJapanTV, shot and edited for Empire Entertainment Japan
A behind the scene on the creation of the ultra-high resolution  360° photo of  central Tokyo skyline.
The base image of Tokyo is 1 million pixels wide,
and hidden inside this ultra detailed shot are 10 iconic cars from BMW’s 100 years!
See if you can find them all, share your score to win a new BMW X1 for 1 year.

Here is the link to the astonishing 360° pano picture










‘BMW 100周年を迎える2016年、
「Tokyo CityCam by BMW」が登場。その制作の裏側を公開します。’

It was a lot of fun working on top of the 781 ft high (238 meters) Roppongi Hills Mori Tower
and to see Brad at work capturing every single each of the city.



Client: BMWJapanTV
Event production agency: Empire Entertainment Japan
Partner agency: FANCAM
Partner agency: FRONTAGE

Film crew:
Creative Director: Ted Miller
Production agency: Empire Entertainment Japan

Producer: Gen Okamura
Producer: Josh Woodcook
Camera & Editor: Kento Watanabe
Camera &Editor Assistant Stifani Brothers
360° pano Photographer: Bradleyadventure
360° pano digital stitching process: FANCAM